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Concentrating in Family Law.



“Charles is extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease during a difficult time. He gives straight up advice and will tell you what he is thinking. Takes a real interest in his clients. Fights hard, but not dirty. I really liked his style.”
- Unattributed

“Charlie was able to quickly understand the tax implications of my estate, and he was able to simplify it so a complex situation was easily understood by my wife’s counsel. In doing so, we achieved a good result, based on my interests and not the court’s, and protected me from future litigation. We were able to fashion solutions to potential problems and, in the process, I avoided what could have been a zero-sum game. I am very thankful for his knowledgeable legal representation.”
- Steve Z.


"When I walked into Cheryl’s office that January day I was scared and an emotional wreck. I walked out of the Courthouse 7 months later a confident, secure woman. Did I always understand everything that was going on? Not always, but Cheryl would explain it to me as often as it took for me to understand it. I could not have had a more competent, trustworthy, honest lawyer. Thank you, Cheryl, for helping me become the woman I am today.”
- Lonnie S.

“Attorney Cheryl Gemignani was an incredible mediator in my case. She was very enjoyable to work with, efficient, and made me feel like she cared about the issues that we needed to sort out. One thing to note is that she worked very hard to keep us out of the court room, and helped me see that most matters can be solved outside of it. At the end of mediation, we reached a fair parenting plan and my relationship with my daughter's mother improved. My daughter will greatly benefit from the assistance Cheryl provided us.”
- James K.


“I am grateful to Geoff for guiding me through a very painful and complicated divorce. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in family law, he was also skilled in patiently educating an individual with no legal background. He communicated with me regularly, responding to my inquiries quickly and thoroughly. At times the divorce process left me feeling exposed and vulnerable; however, Geoff always treated me with compassion and respect. It is this preservation of my dignity that has meant the most.”
- Marina T.

“With a calm demeanor and non-aggressive approach, Geoff never gave into the opposing lawyer’s games and held fast to what he believed was the right course for me and my daughter. Considering that the other lawyer was “senior” in experience, Geoff proved to be 100% more professional in communication, professionalism and knowledge of his field. Looking back, I’m glad that it was Geoff who I chose to represent my daughter’s and my interests in solidifying our relationship and fair placement given the various circumstances I was facing.”
- Lance T.

Law Offices of Phillips & Gemignani:

“When I was looking for an attorney, I didn’t want the meanest or the one with the worst reputation, I wanted someone who would put my best interest first. When I hired Mr. Phillips that’s what I got. Mr. Phillips made sure I knew what my choices were every step of the way. He made sure that I knew what to expect during the time leading up to my divorce as well as how to prepare for life after the divorce. We had many meetings and those meetings were always productive and not a waste of time or money. From the moment I walked into the Phillips and Gemignani Law Offices, I knew that I was in good hands. Just weeks before our court date, Mr. Phillips needed to step away from my case for personal reasons and Ms. Gemignani took over. She took the case on a Friday and on Monday we were scheduled for a huge meeting. We went to our scheduled meeting on the following Monday, she never skipped a beat. It was as if she had been my attorney from the beginning.
I would recommend the Law Offices of Phillips and Gemignani to anyone. Not only are Charlie and Cheryl the best at what they do, the entire office is professional and was always there to help and answer my questions.”
- Linda B.