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Concentrating in Family Law.

Practice Areas

The Law Firm of Phillips & Gemignani is devoted to assisting and representing individuals in simple and complex divorce, post-judgment, and paternity matters. Our firm draws on a wealth of specialized experience to solve these conflicts, which impact a wide range of issues, from child and spousal support and division of marital assets to those concerning legal custody and physical placement of children.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the strictest confidentiality regarding clients and their individual situations, while also guiding each person to help them make their best legal decision in what is often their most vulnerable time. Through divorce planning, our attorneys not only advise you on the issues that arise during the separation (such as asset protection), but we also assist you with decisions that are likely to be made after the divorce is completed.

Our attorneys are seasoned litigators in the circuit courts of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, Jefferson, Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth Counties, and we use our skills to seek resolution to your lawsuit without unending litigation, recognizing that our efforts impact you in many facets of your life as you move forward after divorce.

The practice group prides itself in maintaining the strictest confidentiality regarding clients and their individual situations while guiding each person through what is invariably a troubled time. The philosophy of the practice group is to promote and provide solutions to individual problems by negotiated settlement, mediated settlement, and, if required, trial.

Capable support is provided through highly trained and experienced staff, each with over ten years of experience in dealing professionally and sensitively to the needs of our clients.

Below is a representative list of the types of matters we regularly handle for our clients:

Divorce and Legal Separation – Trial Litigation

Collaborative Divorce Resolution

Negotiation and Settlement of Family Law Issues and Family Mediation

Adjudication of Paternity in Cases of Non-Marital Children

Post-Judgment Disputes and Modifications of Judgment

Child Custody, Physical Placement, and Child Support Agreements

Maintenance/Alimony and Divorce Taxation

Family Mediation

Determination of and Distribution of Marital Assets and Retirement Plans

Resolution of Issues arising from Domestic Violence