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Divorce Without Conflict

Phillips & Gemignani offers its own “Divorce without Conflict Program”: A specialized Program, designed to serve those people who want to handle their divorce on their own, but do not want to get tripped up by legal procedures and legal language.

How it works:

If you and your Spouse are able to negotiate with each other and reach an agreement on how you will divide your property, resolve the Custody and Physical Placement of your children, any issues concerning maintenance and child support, we will then provide the following to you at a Fixed Price:

Based on material which you will provide to us, we will prepare all of the paperwork to file your divorce, draft your Marital Settlement Agreement, Financial Disclosure Statement and Judgment of Divorce.

We will review the Agreement (Marital Settlement Agreement) that you and your Spouse reach. We will alert you to any legal concerns we detect based on what you and your Spouse have agreed to, so you and your Spouse can resolve this before it becomes a problem.

We will appear with you at the Final Hearing and present the case to the Judge and file the Judgment on the day of your Final Hearing so you can walk out of the Court House with the matter concluded and the Judgment in your hands.

The total cost of our Services as outlined above are $1,000.00 plus the necessary cost of filing the Divorce.

Disclosure: These are limited legal services and the contract to hire will limit our responsibility to the items described above. We will not be providing traditional legal services to you.