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What is the value to me of hiring a Lawyer in your Law Firm

Based on our training and experience:

We provide critical knowledge, that is necessary to allow your case to be presented in a manner which is calculated to maximize your result or minimize the negative impact of prior actions.

We have acquired through our training, post graduate Professional education and study, the skills to analyze and understand the financial documents and complexities of your individual matter.

We have learned through over 70 years of collective experience how to synthesize, organize, and present your case to the Court in a manner that will maximize your benefit and minimize your risk.

Based on our years of actual Court Room experience we understand and know how to utilize to your advantage the confusing Rules of Evidence, which govern the presentation of your case to a Judge and how to effectively do this within the context of a contested matter.

We provide you with the technical expertise to know what documents need to be drafted and how to prepare them or who to delegate this task to.

Capable support is furnished through our highly trained and experienced staff, each with over ten years of experience in dealing professionally and sensitively to the needs of our clients.

These are just the some of the reasons we add value to your case during our representation of you.

Charles I. Phillips

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Cheryl A. Gemignani

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Geoff J. Seufert

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